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Tirtiruvannamalai-3Thiruvannamalai, situated on the foothills of the Annamalai Hills, is the most renowned destination in Tamil Nadu, South India. To visit this remarkable, historical and pilgrimage destination, we provide best car rental services from Chennai to Thiruvannamalai at competitive cost. Our tour packages to visit Thiruvannamalai are flexible and customizable. We strive to create the comfortable travel to our tourists that makes their trip memorable and valuable one within their expected budget. We bestow a new experience on the trip from Chennai to Tiruvannamalai car rental services.
Thiruvannamalai, named after the deity of Anamalaiyar in Anamalaiyar Temple, is the place visited and witnessed by millions of pilgrims throughout the year and especially during the Karthigai Deepan festival, which is celebrated on the day of full moon between the months, November and December. The history of this deity destination revolves around the temple and the recorded history dates back to the 9th century.
Thiruvannamalai is located at the distance of 185 kms from Chennai. This pilgrimage center serves as the service and marketing town for the surrounding towns and municipalities. The Annamalaiyar Temple is the remarkable landmark of Thiruvannamalai. The complex of the temple covers about 25 acres, making it to be one of the major temples in India. This temple is one among the Pancha Boota Stalas, in which Lord Shiva has manifested himself as fire. Every full moon day is an important day on which millions of pilgrims visit this temple town to worship Annamalaiyur. They circumambulate the bare foot of Annamalai hill.
Moving on to the next notable attractions in and around Thiruvannamalai, Virupaksha Cave, Sathanur Dam, Sathanur Reservoir, Mamara Guhai and Chenji Fort are some of the not to miss places to visit during your visit.
Virupaksha Cave is the cave ashram which is perfectly in the shape “OM”. This cave is situated on the eastern slope of Arunachala hill. This cave is balanced on the small peak, which is below the Skandasram Cave about 200 ft.
Skandashramam is situated near the Ramana Ashram and northern region of Arunachala hill is the main places where the Annamalai temple exists. It is believed that it is in this temple Saint Ramana stayed. Pilgrims need to trek long for reaching this cave ashram.
Chenji Fort is one of the most visited and surviving forts in India. This fort is situated on the way to Thiruvannamalai, in Villupuram District. The history of the fort is traced to be dating back to 1200 AD.
Mamara Guhai is the religious cave temple situated in Thirivannamalai on the hilly terrain. There are two idols of Lord Shiva and two forms of Goddesses, Annapoorna Devi and Rajarajeshwari are found here. This cave houses, Siddha Gurus Lingams which are worshipped by Siddhars living here.