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Chennai to Velankanni Car Rental

We are the best Car Rentals in Chennai believes in providing comfort, convenience and speed at the most reasonable prices. Our package for Chennai to Velankanni is the best in the market. Velankanni is a holy city as declared by the Pope. It is most famous for the church of Mary. This is the most revered Christian shrines in South India, although people from all other parts of the country and also other religions also flock to it in figures reaching thousands. People from other parts come to the capital city of Tamil Nadu first and then head from Chennai to Velankanni whose correct spelling is actually Vailankanni.

The Velankanni Basilica commemorates Mother Mary who is believed to have appeared in a vision. The shrine is known by many names; Sacred Heart Arigya Matha Church, Our Lady of Good Health and also as “Lourdes of the East.”

The vision of Mother Mary is believed to have appeared to a Shepherd. According to the shepherd who narrated the vision; Mother Mary had asked for milk to feed the infant Jesus. The construction of the church began when in 16th century Mother Mary is believed to have appeared again in a vision.

All over the world Christians and some from other faiths too, believe in the chastity and purity of Mother Mary and her magical healing powers. This is why thousands of believers reach Velankanni to pray to her for myriad problems. Arokkiyamatha festival is well known throughout India and this small district of Nagapattinam welcomes scores of people during the period between August 29 and September 8th.

Perhaps one of the greatest miracles was seen in the year the great Tsunami waves struck the eastern coast of India and killed hundreds of people in this district. However, the shrine of Mother Mary was untouched and unscathed and is still standing serene and beautiful as proof for its believers. When the tsunami receded, Mother Mary showed her healing powers to many victims of this devastating natural calamity.

If one wants to know of the many miracles, then one can visit the museum just opposite to the Basilica where numerous exhibits are displayed as proof.

The beach of Velankanni is equally famous and popular because it is very less commercialized. Any person who wishes to go visit this holy place can easily find affordable and comfortable accommodation too. Hotels are available at various rates to suit every pocket.

Velankanni Next day Return Charges

Indica a/c 4+1 Innova a/c 7+1 Tavera a/c 9+1 Tempo a/c 13+1
Rs. 6650/- Rs. 9650/- Rs. 8250/- Rs. 11050/-
Kilometer coverage 675. Additional kms will billed extra. Toll & Parking not included.

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