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Why  Spice Car Rental?

We provide Chennai to Tirupati car rental services which are pioneer in offering cost-effective prices starting from Rs. 4,000/- upto Tirumala not only Tirupati. Without spending much, you can have a wonderful Balaji Darshan from Chennai to Tirupati Car. Tours like one-day and two-day trips are designed to meet your specific requirement. Our Chennai Tirupati Car services are known for its ‘affordable tariff structure.’If you like to have an extended Chennai Tirupati car tour of visiting Akasa Ganga, Alamelmangapuram, and the famous Karapakkam Vinayagar Temple, we have a special tour package. Tirupati has plenty of sightseeing places which can be visited by using efficient way of transportation like Chennai to tirupati taxi.  It is considered as one of the holiest temples and claims at the top in the glory of the temples. The Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental and Hire is certainly a best option for you to choose.

About Tirupati Temple

The Tirupati Balaji temple is located in the hill town called Thirumala, which is located in Andhra Pradesh state of Chittoor district. It is one of the famous places of Hindu pilgrimage sites in all over the country. The temple was constructed by the king Thondaiman some 1900 years back. The easiest and best way to visit Tirupati from the big city is by renting a car, People always prefer Chennai to Tirupati car service for travelling. India’s Ministry of Tourism awarded Tirupati as the “Best Heritage City” in the year 2012-2013 and also Tirupati has been selected as the smartest city by the Government of India under Smart Cities Mission. The Lord Sri Rama resided here, along with Sita Devi during Treta Yugam according to Varaha Purana. The town is named for its Vaishnavism and it is the richest temple in receiving the donation and wealth from the people visiting Tirupati. To view this temple they take a journey as Chennai to Tirupati Car service and also we offer Chennai to Tirupati Taxi Services.

Amazing facts about Balaji Temple

  1. At the back of Lord Venkateshwara one can hear the sound of an ocean. Always it will be wet even if anyone tried to dry it for many times.
  2. The Deepa or lights that are glowing in front of the Lord Sri Venkateshwara are lit some hundred years ago.
  3. There is a real hair on the main idol of the Lord Venkateshwara and it never tangles
  4. Actually the Lord Sri Venkateshwara is at the right corner of the Garbhagudi but it appears at the center.
  5. The view of Tirumala Temple with chin, nose and crown
  6. Tirupati has the second largest zoo in the Asia
  7. The National Park in Tirupati has won many awards from bio reserves since it is the home for some rare birds and animals
  8. There is a secret village 22 km from the town, provides flowers to the temple
  9. 50000 to 100000 pilgrims visited daily and during special occasions and festivals, the number of pilgrims visited up to 500000 and also it is considered as the most visited holy places in the world.
  10. The annual income of Tirupati temple is running into billions of Indian rupees and it is considered as the richest pilgrimage temple.

Visit Tirupati with us to see these amazing facts of Balaji temple, next time when you visit just observe. Capture all your moments and make your trip to Chennai to Tirupati car rental

History of Balaji Temple

Tirupati is one of the famous pilgrim places to visit at least once in a life time. The life of Hindu people is unfilled till they visit Tirupati. Many unbelieving amazing facts are in Tirupati and it will be very interesting to hear. The above are the following reasons to visit Tirupati at least once in your life. The languages spoken in Tirupati are Telugu and English, September to February is the right time to visit the Temple. The Lord Sri Venkateshwara temple is the main tourist attraction place in Tirupati. Beyond this temple, other various temples to visit are Sri Kapileswaraswami Temple, Swami Pushkarni, Sri Vedanarayana, Horsley Hills, Goddess Alamelumanga Temple, Sila Thoranam, Sri Govindrajaswamy Temple, Kalahasti, Chandragiri and Agastyaswamy. The interesting story behind the temple Tirupati is that the Lord Sri Venkateshwara taken a loan of 1 crore and 14 lakhs coins of gold from the wealth God Kubera for the arrangement of marriage and he agree to refund the amount with interest from the collection money of temple at Tirupati. No one knows that how far the story is true but people believes that something good will happen after visiting the temple. Many Entrepreneurs give a share of profit from their business to this temple and by the grace of Venkateshwara,  God makes impossible things made possible. Many of them will thank Tirupati God by putting some money at the Tirupati temple. Our Chennai to Tirupati Car Rental service will provide you with all the facilities with safe journey.

How Spice Car Rental make Tirupati trip better?

We are rated as the best car rentals and offering best class cars to the customers according to their convenience. We provide luxurious cars like Tata Indigo, Honda city, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Innova, Tata Winger, Maruti Swift Dzire, Mahindra Logan, Mahindra Scorpio, Chevroet Tavera, Mahindra Xylo. Make your journey more fun and joy at our service.

  • Service oriented, not money oriented
  • 24*7 Availability with dedication
  • Drivers known languages are Tamil, Hindi and English
  • Convenient booking options with affordable price
  • Perfect Time Management at our service
  • We are an experienced service provider to offer luxurious car
  • Self-driven service
  • Online booking service available

Rates:Same Day Return

  • Innova :  Rs. 6,100 /-
  • Indigo  :  Rs. 4,200 /-
  • Dzire   :  Rs. 4,500 /-
  • Etios  :  Rs. 4,750 /-

Next Day Return

  • Innova :  Rs. 7,500 /-
  • Indigo  :  Rs. 5,200 /-
  • Dzire   :  Rs. 5,500 /-
  • Etios  :  Rs. 5,750 /- 

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 This above Package includes:

  • All Driver Charges
  • All fuel charges
  • All Inter-state taxes
  • Driver’s lodging and boarding

Note: Toll & Parking not included.

When you book,  Chennai to tirupati car rental, you will have all the standard facilities in Spice car rental services which include Swift Dzire, Fiesta, Indigo etc., Spice car rental is the best option to book cabs because the service and the cost we provide is good and reasonable. We offer the best service for your great journey and also  customer will feel very comfortable with our services.

If you want to visit tirupati make us call at 7010198295 or send a mail to


Chennai to Tirupati Car Trip Terms & Conditions

  • While climbing & returning on the hills, Air-condition should be switched off to avoid overloading the engines & Prevent Polluting the nature.
  • Only 1 hill climb is to the hills would be possible for Same Day & Next Day’s Return. Further climbs will be billed as Rs. 500/- per climb.
  • The Tirupati package is applied for Tirumala temple and Padmavathy temple only. Additional trips to the any other temples will be billed.
  • Trip to Kalahasti along with Tirupati package will be cost extra (Indica – Rs.500/-, Innova – Rs.700/-).
  • Trip to Vellore Golden Temple along with Tirupati package will be cost extra (Indica – Rs.1000/-, Innova – Rs.1500/-).

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